It’s time to get freaky – Emelie!

“Yeah yeah, she doesn’t look that freaky” you might think, but we know, oh we really know…. Behind that sweet face and fair skin is a little freaky thing with a weird laugh and special dance-moves she pulls out backstage at shows to lighten up the mood. A special kind of crazy, our own little miss sunshine – Emelie!


Emelie A. – MAD New Face


Blond wild child – Greta!

We were so happy – we found ourselves a sparkling, energetic scandinavian blond. Then we realized, this is not a barbie, this is a fierce, edgy wild creature that transforms in the blink of an eye. Up for testing right now, our  own transformer Greta!


Greta – MAD New Face


Quirky attitude – Thobias!

He caught our eye on a bus; this quirky amazing boy with dazzling blue eyes and the kindest smile in the world. Then we put him in front of a camera and bomchikawowow – the boy became a fierce man with a look to kill for. Another MAD New Face –  Thobias!

ThobiasThobias M. – MAD New Face


Mediterranean vibe – Lefteris!

If you, just like us, really do not have time to visit Greece for some mediterranean infusion – don’t worry, we brought a smoking piece of it into our team! Lefteris – a dark, handsome and somewhat mysterious showstopper that will for sure make your knees weak with his contagious smile. Oh – and what about those beautiful dark eyes, ey?


Lefteris – MAD New Face


Eyes to drown in – Nicolina!

You wanted fierce, strong and absolutely gorgeous? Let us introduce New Face Nicolina. If we’d be poets we would describe her eyes as windows to all the mysteries of the world…. Unfortunately we’re not, so we just call her Galadriel gone MAD and let her speak for herself.

Recently Updated5Nicolina – MAD New Face