Why call yourselves MAD? When are you launching? Why am I so awesome? Can I book any of your models? Who the heck are you? Why don’t you have a UNICORN as a logo? Do you think I might be the next star? 

Do YOU have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll help you as much as we can.

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MAD Management
Valhallavägen 36
11422 Stockholm

We open most days at 9 or 10 am. Sometimes we open as early as 7 am. But on other days, we might open as late as 11 am or 12 pm. We close at about 7 pm or 8 pm. Some days at 4 pm. And from time to time at 10 pm or even midnight. At occasions we’re not here at all. But lately, we’ve been here all the time. Except for sometimes, then we have been away. 
To book a meeting mail us at: